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The following makes SFA unique.

Day Care School

The Day Care School Takes care of the Educational, Social, Behaviour, Speech and other therapies between 9am to 3pm

Full Residential

For Families & Parents who are responsive to their special kids needs and understand that their kids require special care, attention and therapy full time. And They know its beyond the family capability, admit their kids to the Fully Managed, Full Residential programs.

Day Residential

For Parents who have differential timing or work engagements. For them between 6am to 6pm can choose to let their kids reside in the provisions of the intitution.

FREE Programs

Nothing comes FREE in this world. Everyone pay either through Cash, Kind or Sweat. For Families & Parents of special who cannot economically afford the various programs, the opt for SFA FREE programs which involve the Full time engagement and involvement of the Mother and other Female members into the Programs and Projects.


The impact of Autism and Related Disorders is so huge with the fact that India has the largest numbers of Autism cases and it surpasses China also. Nothing substantial can be achieved without the BIG heart of Volunteers who feel for THIS CAUSE. SFA doesn’t expect just financial donation, The Time Donation to Spread awareness and providing guidance to the parents and teachers is Very Highly Essential and can’t be done without Volunteers. Be a Part of SFA. As autism can hit any Family.

Our Speciality

Our Therupatic Speciality to help make informed choices about your special kids
The goal of this institution is to provide total care & experienced professional support to parents and others touched by autism.

At School for Autism, we.... Dedicate ourselves to improving the lives of persons with autism and their families Operate with a collaborative, entrepreneurial spirit - disciplined in business Listen with respect to all points of view, inclusive of diverse perspectives and communities Value our staff, their selection, training, and development as they are the keys to our success Partner with our volunteers and stakeholders, who have a voice in our journey

  • Professional

    Experienced and Professional Services is the key to our Success

  • Therapy

    Being an Integarted Therapeutic Institution, No institution comes near to SFA

  • Social

    From the Medical Director to other Doctors, Therapist and Staff all have been in the service for many year. They are touched with the cause for life. They are sensitive because they care.

  • Education

    This system focuses on Individual needs of special kids. Doesn't focus on making them compete or even compliment the other so called normal kids. The Educational patterns an curriculum is absolutely unique.

SFA Core Team

The Inspiring people working for the cause, You dont need to be special, you become special by your Karma. If these devouted people can't inspire your to work for this Autism cause. Nothing can.
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Dr. Rekha Damani

Chief Administrator
Dr. Rekha has been associated with Dr. Lall’s R&D team since few years. She has played a very important role in setting up systems and process of the institutions. She is also the trustee member of Dr. Lall’s R&D Trust.
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Ms. Deepa Jotwani

Vice President
Deepa is an inspiration to so many, she walked out of the dead, struggled, worked hard to come out of her 97% blocked arteries, Very High Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD and other ailments. Stood up and Lives and Inspires every woman to do the same. She made her way up as the VICE President of the Organization. It’s her dream to help parents and families of kids hit with the Autism Sprectrum, that turned out into SFA as an institution. She manages the Advocacy, Awareness and Proclamation of the successfuly Healing process of the Integrated Medicine.
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Dr. Roma Roy

Chief Secretary
Dr. Roma has been associated with Dr. Lall’s R&D team since few years. She has played a very important role in setting up the clinical structure of the Research institutions. She is also the trustee member of Dr. Lall’s R&D Trust.

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